The Kerry
Kinsey Show




News-You-Can-Use is a Monday-Friday segment. In it, I’ll be commenting on the daily headlines and promise to cut through the sea of lies and propaganda from the mainstream media and report on what really matters to people, not what the elites wants us to believe.

War, global insecurity, inflation and censorship are on the rise. Some families and businesses were destroyed by the unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

We’re facing a tidal wave of totalitarianism as democracy dies in the U.S. and around the world. When will this unsustainable debt-based financial system collapse? Who’s behind it all? Who gains by these authoritarian moves we’re seeing?

And what about the Great Reset, growing fascism, constitution shredding, gun control and the killing of the unborn? Sounds pretty dark, but we’ll break it down for you. The truth will not be suppressed.

No dictator can prevent the spread of God’s message throughout the world. The gospel will flourish no matter who the despot is, no matter how oppressive government becomes. We’re keeping our focus on Jesus! We serve a Sovereign God!